There’s Only One Reason Why Miley Cyrus and Syria Don’t Matter

August 28, 2013 — 1 Comment

Fred Stobaugh - Oh Sweet LorraineThere is only one reason why both Syria and Miley Cyrus don’t matter: Fred Stobaugh. Period.

During both of these distractions, there’s been something wonderful culminating — the story of Fred Strobaugh and his recently passed, beautiful wife, “Sweet Lorraine”.

Recently, Green Shoe Studio held a contest for their local community, giving the opportunity for a local singer/songwriter/artist for them to produce and record a final product.

With all the time we’ve spent reading, watching, and dwelling on “current events”, this by far exceeds anything truly meaningful. After watching this, I’ve told myself that I will dedicate one minute for each second I’ve wasted following and griping about Syria and Miley.

Prepare for a softening 10 minutes. Worth every second…

Buy “Oh Sweet Lorraine” on iTunes!
GOOGLE PLAY – “Oh Sweet Lorraine”

A short documentary telling a poignant story of life, love and music.

After watching this, I’ve decided that I need to consider naming my first daughter “Lorraine”, in hope she will spend 75 years with a man who loves “Sweet Lorraine” as much as Fred Stobaugh did his wife.

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  • Wenker Donna

    You are so right! Fred and the love of his life, Lorraine, through his song, shows us what is really important in life. And it is not Miley or Syria! Your words summed it up nicely!