Fail Like A Champion

success through failureHave you ever looked back and laughed at your past struggles?

Last week while sitting in on a podcast with other StorytellersAZ members, the topic of “Failure” was brought to the table. Tyler Hurst led us off and brought up some interesting points regarding the learning curve. Brian LaPan expressed he didn’t believe in failure. Now, I can certainly appreciate both viewpoints and respect each one, I just have to say this:

I’ve been failing for 35 years. Every person who God has brought into my life has been a teacher in one way shape or form. As a result, I work very hard to fail each and every day, better each time. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I realized that I need to embrace failure. Otherwise, if I resist… I cannot succeed. And that will give me results based on fear. Fear of failing and a halt to any progress on any project I’m working on. It could be anything: Professional, Personal, Spiritual, or Financial.

Now, I hope that this post doesn’t come across as negative. It certainly isn’t meant to. Because in the world of “balance”, we need to see both sides of everything. With every failure, through perseverance, is an achievement. And with every achievement, there is a success story. And we all like success stories. So for me (and probably anybody reading this), it’s all about the experience. I wholeheartedly believe that when we put forth an honest effort and keep clear of any outside variables that aren’t “for us”, that anything we want… we get. It is when we allow ourselves to get “murked up” by the world’s noise, that is when things get thrown off course.

I may or may not get into some of my failures later in future posts, but I can say this. With each one, I’ve learned that keeping a sense of humor is key. Be grateful for the experience and move onto the next attempt. If you should find yourself continuing the same mistakes, resulting in familiar failures, you probably want to ask yourself this: “Does my passion suck?” or “Am I just very stubborn?” – either one of these can and will be the demise of your goal(s). Learn to recognize and respond accordingly and fail like a champion!

What markers do you use when failures surface in your life?