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Passive Promotion

I hope the following passive promotion below gives you insight into my drive, passion, and desire to find the next adventure. The world is full of haven’t stance and maybe I’m a person that can help you or maybe you are a person that can help me. Let’s see what we can do together for […]


yousea /yo͞o sē/ pronoun pronoun: yousea 1. the phonetic pronunciation of the assigned acronym for the word: unicorn “can you believe that yousea actually exists?” used to refer to the person being addressed as a reminder how one of a kind they are. used in exclamations to address one or more amazing qualities. “did you ever dream of […]

2018 – 52 Books in 52 Weeks

Alright, so it came to my attention that this past December marked my 15th year of not owning a television. When I moved away from Detroit and began a new chapter in my life, I purged a lot of my belongings. TV, stereo equipment, furniture, clothes, a couple of businesses, real estate, 401k, and… a […]

5 Reasons Why Business is Always Personal

For years I believed “business” and “personal” were always separate. It wasn’t until realized that how I was handling my relationships with clients was the exact opposite. More often than not, I found myself wholeheartedly focused and concerned about my customer’s and client’s objectives as my own. Here are 5 reasons why business is always […]

Huffington Post’s Top 100 Customer Service Pros

After spending several weeks interviewing over 18,000 Twitter followers, Enterasys Networks Chief Customer Officer, Vala Afshar caught some of the customer service industry by surprise. Vala had put together a list of the Top 100 Most Social Customer Service Pros On Twitter and reviewed it with our friends at The Huffington Post’s Business Division. When I was first notified about […]