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Decision Modes

James Archer of Forty Agency released an excellent example of what takes place during a decision making process. He breaks it down into four different categories. They are: Spontaneous Fast and Emotional decision making often referred to as Choleric. Spontaneous decision makers like it when they see themselves. When they see something as “quick and […]

Brain Trust

What is Brain Trust? When do we recognize an empathic trigger for decision making? Is there a thought process that takes place to make this happen? Or do we go with our gut feeling? To neurophilosophy pioneer, Patricia Churchland, Brain Trust argues that: “Morality originates in the biology of the brain. She describes the “neurobiological […]

Fail Like A Champion

Have you ever looked back and laughed at your past struggles? Last week while sitting in on a podcast with other StorytellersAZ members, the topic of “Failure” was brought to the table. Tyler Hurst led us off and brought up some interesting points regarding the learning curve. Brian LaPan expressed he didn’t believe in failure. […]

Emerging Approaches To Leadership

After beginning a two year research to propose some leadership theories which focus on a particular characteristic of a leader, leaving out the followers and situations from the equation, I’ve been able to break down leadership into the following four categories: Charismatic Leadership, Attribution Leadership, Transactional Leadership, and Transformational Leadership. Charismatic Leadership The theory behind […]

Communication Is Key

Something I’ve echoed for years is “Problems stem from the lack of or poor communication.” Sometimes overwhelming emotions or uncertainties can throw us off track when searching for solutions, either large or small. Regardless, they need to be attended to and handled with thorough thought and mature reasoning. How do you find a medium that […]

Community Leadership

Have you ever been asked to help with a great cause to share and make a difference within your community? A couple of months ago, I was approached by Shawn Murphy of Achieved Strategies to see if I wanted to contribute a guest blog post. It was a blog series titled “Revive and Thrive” and […]

Business Startup Wealth Building

“Your largest wealth-building asset is your income. When you tie up your income, you lose.” ~ Dave Ramsey Does it take money to make money? Income represents money you can invest to make more money. If you tie up all your future income, you will always be living in the past. As Dave Ramsey tells […]