How To Manage Oneself – 9 Key Points On How I Manage My Daily Grind

manage oneselfBack in 2008, Peter Drucker wrote a book on self-management. I’d like to build off that a bit differently, using 9 key points that I found to seem to work quite well for me. I hope you find them insightful for your daily grind as well.

  1. Be More – It’s quite simple actually. Each and every day, I work on being more than I was the day before. Be it a better son, a better friend, or a better coworker. If we strive to better ourselves with every new sunrise, I wholeheartedly believe that we are then positioned to help others around us.
  2. Be Detailed – When we structure our daily tasks, it’s important that we be very specific to ourselves. This allows for us to hold ourselves accountable. And should we miss out mark, we then know what we need to work on harder the next day. Keep plugging away until you can cross it your list.
  3. Be Resourceful – Utilizing our resources has amazing rewards. Throughout our journey, we surround ourselves with some of the best teachers in life. None of us are ‘self-made’. Each of us is a product of our environment. Every five years,

    I’ll look back (and ahead) to see who I am spending my time with, the books that I am reading, and the events that I attend. Throughout each day, we pick up tiny nuggets of information that we can carry with us moving forward. Utilize these as resources.

  4. Be Hard-Working – There is NO substitute for working hard. Sure, ‘working smarter’ certainly has its value, but when we are focused and work hard towards a goal, the payoff is priceless. Self-gratification, community rewards, and overall accomplishments(s) will unravel into a beautiful tapestry.
  5. Be Disciplined – We need to discipline ourselves in order to remain focused on the big picture – the ‘prize’, per se. I recently had to stand a buddy up on a pool party offer due to a crypto (bitcoin for the layman) project. Would I have rathered been enjoying some sun with a few friends with drinks poolside? Absolutely. However, sometimes things come up and we are called upon to execute. Through discipline is when we learn more about ourselves, be it through mistakes or accolades, we achieve by continuously moving forward.
  6. Be Growth Oriented – Focusing on our well being through exercising our mind, body, and soul, gives us the ability to grow. We can read books (print or audio) on topics that interest us to help our minds grow. We can feed our bodies through healthy nutrition and maintain a healthy physique through exercise. And through spirituality, we can assist our souls for growth, be it through meditation or prayer, our souls are constantly accepting us for who we are and who we want to become.
  7. Be Healthy – This is a pretty broad point that a lot of the above touches on but it’s important that we take care of ourselves. Because if we aren’t in the best health possible, it’s difficult for us to help others’ achieve their goals.
  8. Be Balanced – Work/Life Integration is a great example of this. As a recovering workaholic, it took me quite some time to realize that everything is a balancing act. We need to constantly adjust our lives to accommodate what WE need. Some of us work to live. And some of us live to work. Think about that for a moment and comment below with your insight, as I’d love to discuss this in more detail.
  9. Be Focused – Razor sharp focus is key when we are goalsetting our dreams. Once we define what we want, we must then learn how to achieve it. From there, all we need to do is DO it. That’s it. Remain focused on the big picture and all the small, mundane details magically become insignificant.

I hope you found this of some value. If you did, I’d love to see a comment from you so we can discuss it further!




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