Discover Your Strengths

discover your strengthsIt’s a common practice for people to try and cover up their weaknesses, it happens all the time–especially when it might mean getting ahead or left behind in the business world. However, despite the effort to minimize them, weaknesses tend to reveal themselves when you are under pressure. Spending all of your time managing your weaknesses is pointless. Instead, a better approach is to concentrate on your strengths.

Building on your strengths makes sense because, ultimately, it will pave the way for a less stressful way to achieving your goals. First, you will have a proven track record that demonstrates the skills you already do well. Second, playing to your strengths allows you to experiment within your comfort zone. When trying to branch out and expand your business, it helps to know that you can build on what you have already done. Third, by relying on your strengths, you’ll find the inspiration to set attainable goals. By seeking more challenges, your leadership will inspire others to do the same.

When you think about it, how are you currently looking at others?

Time and Trust

time and trustRelationships are built on two things: time and trust. This formula applies to both our personal lives and business lives. Granted, the time factor can be a hindrance but in business, we may meet people daily whom we may never again see in person. We want to keep doing business with them and achieve a lasting trust. While first impressions are critical, what is more important is that we build on those moments, and use that effective first meeting to create truly strong bonds: an enduring trust.

Each action that we perform in a relationship will either build it up or break it down. We need to be mindful of everything we do. If it’s said that we’re going to deliver something on deadline, we need to make sure to deliver it If we cannot make that deadline, it’s important to keep our client informed every step of the way. Follow though on every promise.

The more we show that we’re willing to invest in a relationship, the more meaningful it will become. Trust is built over the long haul, and our actions over time show volumes about our character and motivations. A one time effort to close a deal, get a sale or the client, even if it is dramatic and puts a big feather in our cap, it’s not enough. Enduring trust in a relationship can’t be faked and it’s rarely produced by a dramatic, one time effort. Build trust, keep it and nurture it.

Need Some Fun In Your Workplace?

When I came across this video I immediately knew that I had to share this with everybody. I don’t know who this team of coworkers are but words can’t express how great I feel seeing others work together like this and having fun in the workplace! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Hi Friends!

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