When I Moved to Phoenix and How I live in Phoenix

geoff snyder model citizen phoenixWhen I moved to Phoenix, I drove from Naples, Florida with only some clothes, my book collection, and a laptop. I only ate almonds, subway sandwiches, and drank vitamin water during the trip.

Once I settled in with my parents at the age of 33, the first time living with them for over 15+ years, I decided to move forward with the bare essentials; minimalist lifestyle, per se.

The first contracts as an Independent Contractor I was rewarded with were ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation), Lowes, and Limited Brands. I provided onsite technical hardware and software support for ADOT, and was a Project Lead for the latter two during store upgrades which consisted of complete infrastructure overhauls – down to the very last faceplate screw.

During the above time,

I dedicated myself to live using the very minimum possible, as I felt that all years prior were materialistically driven. So, slept on a Yoga mat for about 6 months (which eventually got upgraded to a queen sized air mattress once I began having lady friends sleep over). I had one nice ceramic plate, one silver spoon, one silver fork, and one silver butter knife. When I needed cutting knives, I sprung about 7 bucks on a really shitty set of Ikea knives which I recently gifted to one of my friends at the condo in which I reside. His wife left him with his children without any warning and/or explanation; he deserves the knives more than me.

Over time, I invested in a French press because I can make better black coffee than most of our local coffee shops that charge 3-5 bucks for a cup. And the day I invested in a $25 rice cooker I felt like it was Christmas fucking morning!

I now live in a modest condo high rise in #CenPho (Central Phoenix) with a few nice things that I’ve worked my ass off for. I’m not into flashy things but I do appreciate quality, something that’s very important to me.

To wrap things up, I must give mad props to my Mom, my Dad, and my Bonus Dad (step-dad) for not handing things to me while I was a young child growing up. I didn’t understand why they wouldn’t buy me the Jordan shoes all my friends had, or the Mustang GT 5.0s that some of my buddies drove while I was slinging golf clubs as a caddy at Edgemont Country Club to pay for the school clothes that I wanted… to fit in and be ‘cool’. Now I get it. Today I get it and am wholeheartedly grateful for it and will be until my last breath.

I may have recently been fucked over by some corporate douchebags because of personal issues (two ‘executives’ who are screwing each other behind closed doors… my PI has confirmed this) and am currently cash poor because of it, but during my recent walks through the city that has given me so much to be thankful for, I have definitely discovered what the term “another person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” means. Completely. Even down to a stomped on, dirty cigarette. Yep… that actually happened last night and it was definitely a humbling moment in my life.

I feel that I’m in the best place I’ve ever been in my life, I’m happy, healthy, and content. And all I want to do is help others achieve their goals without being taken advantage of. Because THIS IS REAL LIFE. Does that make sense?

If you’ve read this and found any value within it, would you please be so kind to ‘share’ my story by using the Share Button, as well as ❤️ it up? It would be very humbling for me and I promise that I’ll be eternally grateful for it.

Nothing but Love and Respect,

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